About Dakshin Academy

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Dakshin Chess Academy was founded in 2004 by Sa Krishna, a highly rated chess player during late 90s. The objective of the academy is to share his knowledge and experience gained through his playing career and taught by his beloved gurus Mr. K. Muralimohan, K.R. Seshadri and Mr. Dakshinamoorthy.

Dakshin Chess Academy adopts a systematic syllabus for students based on their understanding level and maturity. Teaching techniques and methods are customized to bring out the best in each individual student and eliminate their weaknesses. The approach allows for creating individualized training mechanisms that improves the student’s ability. Our philosophy is to not only impart chess wisdom but to take personal interest on developing discipline and self-reliance. Suggestions are also sought from parents to enable faster and better development of their children. Indian children staying abroad are also benefitted through online classes using similar techniques.

Dakshin Chess Academy places value on the time, money and efforts of parents / children and provides guidance at periodic intervals to enable greater maturity and temperament of the children and parents. Branches are currently located at Velachery and Ashok Nagar.

Our Secretary Sa. Krishna, dedicates his gratitude to Mr. R. Prakash& Mrs. Chitra Prakash for their continued support, service and encouragement in bringing this academy to the height of glory